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Monday, July 17, 2006

Top 10 (Current) Baseball Names

To make this list, there has to be something unique, exciting, or interesting about one's name(can be first name, last name, or the combo of both). It can be the spelling of a name, the way a name sounds, etc. I narrowed down a semi-final list of 30 to just 10.

First, I will list some names that did not make the final cut:

Wandy Rodriguez-P, HOU
Gustavo Chacin-P, TOR
Macay McBride-P, ATL
Prince Fielder-1B, MIL
Rocco Baldelli-CF, TB
Yhency Brazoban-P, LAD
Xavier Nady-RF, NYM
Tom Gorzelanny-P, PIT
Humberto Cota-C, PIT
Placido Polanco-IF, DET
Ambiorix Burgos-P, KC
Tanyon Sturtze-P, NYY
Chien-Ming Wang-P, NYY
Melky Cabrera-OF, NYY

Now, let's get to the Top 10!

10. Choo Freeman-OF, Colorado Rockies. Choo! Choo! Can you imagine all of the kids saying that to him when he was growing up? I know I can, so that means that you can, too.

9. Chone Figgins-Util., Los Angeles Angels. This is a sentimental favorite. You see, back in the day when I lived with fellow bloggers Jimmy and DonFrancisco, we played a little game called MLB 2004 on PS2. And Chone was incredible on this game. We had never even heard of him, but on any given day in that living room, you would hear one of us yelling, "Let's go Cho-knee!". Only, later to learn it is pronounced as "Shawn", but he will forever be "Cho-knee" in our hearts.

8. Terry Tiffee-3B, Minnesota Twins. Doesn't that name just sound good coming out of your mouth? The alliteration is one of the most under-appreciated literary devices in the world. Here, we see why it should be used more often. (We will also see this a little later)

7. Bronson Arroyo-P, Cincinnati Reds. Anybody that was named after the incredible Charles Bronson deserves to make this list. I also like the way "Arroyo" just rolls off of your tongue. And, to top that off--Bronson Arroyo made it cool for white dudes to have cornrows. Okay, cornrows will never be cool on a white dude. There, I said it.

6. Yorvit Torrealba-C, Colorado Rockies. The 2nd member of this Top 10 that comes from the Rockies. Any name that can help you win the Baseball Name Game is worth a Top 10 finish. Rules of Baseball Name Game--if one person says "Roger Clemens", the next person must think of a player whose name begins with the letter of the last name of the guy just, "Curt Schilling" would be a correct answer. If 3 or more people are playing, then the only way the order can be reversed is if someone says a name with the same letter starting both first and last name; so after "Schilling", the next person says "Sammy Sosa", the order is reversed and the player that just said "Schilling" must now think of a name of current or former player whose first name starts with an S. Now, back to Yorvit...there are not many players with a Y to start their first or last name, so always keep this name in your back pocket, so you can pull it out when needed most. Any other questions regarding the Baseball Name Game, please feel free to ask.

5. Wily Mo Pena-OF, Boston Red Sox. Another name that just sounds good. "Wily Mo Pena, Wily Mo Pena." He is also a great power hitter, at least that is what all of those great analysts say.

4. Kiko Calero-P, Oakland Athletics. Here is that alliteration thingy again. Man, alliterations are cool. Cool Kiko Calero likes candy. I don't really know that Kiko likes candy, but who doesn't like candy. DonFrancisco doesn't like any nuts.

3. Milton Bradley-RF, Oakland Athletics. I bet Milton gets really upset when he loses in Monopoly. Perhaps he should revisit those anger management classes. I would be ticked off all of the time, too if my parents named me after one of the top toy-makers of all time.

2. Angel Pagan-Util., Chicago Cubs. Something just does not fit here. Angel and pagan? I think just the combination of these two words puts Angel in the top 2.

1. Coco Crisp-CF, Boston Red Sox. Was there any doubt? His name is Coco Crisp. COCO CRISP! And that answers your question as to why there is a picture of the most healthy cereal in the world on this website.


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