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Sunday, October 15, 2006

BCS..more like BCStupid


I know that it doesn't really matter right at this point, but the initial BCS standings are terrible. This is usually the case every single year that the BCS has been in place, but I am getting tired of it.

BCS Standings:
1 Ohio State .9731
2 USC .9559
3 Michigan .9341
4 Auburn .7478
5 West Virginia .7446
6 Florida .7375
7 Louisville .7176
8 Notre Dame .6939
9 Texas .6841
10 California .6682
11 Tennessee .6526
12 Clemson .5042
13 Arkansas .4714
14 Oregon.4492
15 Boise State .4319
16 Rutgers .3951
17 Nebraska .3544
18 LSU .3495
19 Georgia Tech .3395
20 Boston College .2587
21 Wisconsin .2539
22 Oklahoma .1581
23 Iowa .0703
24 Missouri .0680
25 Tulsa .0639

Does anything not look right to you? Here's a hint:

So, you do agree. UT should NOT be ranked behind Cal, the team that UT beat 35-17 the first week of the season. And that score looks a lot better than the game was. UT was up 35-0. How can you have a team that got WHOOPED ahead of the team that WHOOPED it? You can throw out all of the talk about strength of schedule and all of that other crap, because it is just crap. Sorry for my foul language.

Until we get a playoff system for NCAA football, it will always be a flawed system. I think we should just devote this website to petition for the NCAA to begin a playoff for D-1 football. Who's with me?


  • At 11:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I do dislike the BCS, but it is a process. The BCS is not complete but rather merely beginning. If TN contunes to win they will be ranked ahead of Cal even if Cal beats USC. TN has only beaten Cal and a weaker than normal(or maybe back to normal) Geogia squad. Victories over Alabama,Arkanasas, LSU, South Carolina, and a possible SEC championship win would all increase TN's computer rankings and consequently their BCS ranking.


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