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Friday, October 13, 2006

Good Thing We Took Adam

Antrel Rolle was fined $12,500 for a play where he tackled Larry Johnson by his facemask. It is the second time this year he has been fined for an on the field incident. He was fined for a "horse-collar" tackle earlier this year. More on that in a minute. Man I am so glad we don't have that guy on our team. Think about the distractions he has been causing making plays on the field. Floyd Reese was right. Adam Jones has done nothing but be the model citizen, has 6 INTs and leads the league in punt return yards. (please note that everything in that last sentence is entirely false)

I have a few things to say about the so called "horse-collar rule." That is the biggest bunch of crap rule that has ever been introduced. How are you supposed to tackle a guy from behind? Try to wrap his legs up and get kicked in the face or try to tackle him high and just get shaken off. It isn't bad enough that it is a penalty but then they fine guys for it. The NFL is stupid. I think they should shut the league dow. (I don't mean that either)

Dear Mr Hendry,

Please hire Joe Girardi and not Lou Pinella. (unless you think hiring Pinella would help you bring A-Rod to Chicago)

Concerned Fan,



  • At 8:37 AM, Blogger DonFrancisco said…

    They are thinking about instituting a rule for QBS that they can wear the red jersey in games now.

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