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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hope for a New Day Tomorrow

The one positive thing about this baseball postseason as a Cubs fan is the Tigers give us all hope. Think about how bad the Tigers were 2 years ago. They lost 119 games. 119 games. Let that sink in for a minute. That is the most losses by an American League team EVER! This year the Tigers are 3 wins away from the World Series. This gives hope to all of us who think our team is still many years away. The Cubs were really bad this year but the didn't lose 100 games. As HBO said about the Cubs, Wait Till Next Year.

Here is some good news for DonFrancisco who is a Rangers fan. The last 2 teams that fired Buck Showalter won the World Series the year after he was fired. The Texas Rangers are your 2007 World Series Champions. Hopefully the Cubs will hire Showalter for 2007 and then fire him. That sounds like just about as good of a plan as any the Cubs have had in the last 98 years.

I will end every post with this until the Cubs hire a manager.

Dear Mr. Hendry,

Please hire Joe Girardi and not Lou Pinella. (unless you think hiring Pinella would help you bring A-Rod to Chicago)

Concerned Fan,



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