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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I hate the Yankees

First off I would like to apologize to Kayne for "stealing his thunder." All I care about is the success of this blog. I had given up because no one has had posted. Once he posted it lit my fire. Kayne, I was in no way attempting to steal your fire. Please accept this deep heartfelt apology.

Your friend and co-blogger,

Let me tell you why I hate the Yankees.

I hate the Yankees because the media loves them. ESPN shows every Yankees game in prime time. If it is a Yankees vs. Red Sox game they dedicate Sportscenter to it. Why? No one outside of the Northeast cares. People might have cared when the curse was still alive. It is dead. Move on.

I hate the Yankees because Steinbrenner is a moron. He fired Billy Martin and rehired him 1,022 times. That is stupid. If you want to fire Torre then just go ahead and do it. Stop leaking reports that you are going to and then going back on that. You are already in the news. You don't need to pull that crap.

I hate the Yankees because they spend $200 million a year on payroll and still don't win. This causes people to call talk shows and complain about how they don't like baseball because the Yankees have all this money and they always win. When the World Series is over this year 7 teams will have won a World Series since the Yankees did. If you don't want to like baseball that is fne but come up with a reason that makes sense.

I hate the Yankees because they are bad for baseball. I don't think they are bad for baseball because they spend so much money but because all anyone is talking about this week is the Torre soap opera. Someone needs to tell ESPN the playoffs aren't over just because the Yankees are out.

It is no wonder they never win because they have a bunch of cry babies and a fake leader in Derek Jeter. If he was a leader he would have stepped up to get the media and the fans of A-Rod's back. He didn't do that because he doesn't like A-Rod. Sounds like a me guy instead of a team guy. I hope Tim McCarver doesn't read this. He might cry.


  • At 3:56 PM, Blogger Jimmy said…

    Kayne-google has UGA ads on our page. You need to do soemething about that.


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