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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Rocky Top!!!!

What a great day it was today....I woke up and the memory of UT scoring 51 on the "SEC's best defense" was fresh on my mind. Being a UT fan living in GA, nothing is sweeter than beating the hated Bulldogs(I refuse to spell Bulldogs the way that those UGA people spell it).

Living only 45 minutes from Athens, one would think that I would have made the drive there to cheer on my Vols...but you would think wrong. That is the one stadium in the entire nation that I will never ever go to because I fear for my safety, and for the safety of my friends and family. Here is a taste of what I missed by not going last night--these are from other UT fans that attended the game:

"i've made a lot of road trips (2nd time to UGA, been to florida twice, bama twice, ole miss, lsu, auburn, ky, vandy, and south carolina twice), the georgia fans yesterday were as bad as i've ever experienced, as a florida (whose fans are considered the worst in the SEC by many), you could see that in general that they were good people...just tryin to have a good time and drink some good beer with a few really bad apples thrown in that like to heckle the opposing fans in fun (opposing fans usually just don't know how to take it and get offended/take them seriously too often).at georgia they were all bad, with a few good apples thrown in. i saw countless fights (most were Ga fans vs. Ga fans)...only saw one actual fistfight with a UT fan and a GA fan. in general, their fans were obnoxious, rude, and mean as heck (wanted to fight everything in sight). in the stadium hallways before the kickoff, i saw two UGA/UGA fights, there was a HUGE logjam where numerous shoving matches broke out, a strangulation occurred, and girls were just getting tossed out of the way by MEN. they were balling their eyes out and the men just continued to knock them around like they weren't even there.normally, i like to have my share (plus another couple people's share) of drinks before the game. in athens yesterday, i had to REALLY watch what i drank because i honestly feared for my saftey and knew i had to REALLY keep myself in check around those pricks.granted, there were a few fans that came up and apologized for the crude behavior of their fellow bulldog fans after the game...and the people we tailgated with and around were great....i've never seen so many fans that wanted to fight...and they didn't care who they fought...GA fan, UT fan, old woman with a walker, man in didn't matter. i'm a fairly good size guy (6'2, 180) and was with some pretty good sized for the most part people didn't really talk @&#* directly to us...i saw more than my share of it.i was punched yesterday (a GA fan swung and missed at another GA fan in that mess out in the hallway), told by a guy that looked like a small mountain (literally probably 6'8, 320), that if i sang rocky top 1 more time, i was going to be eating concrete (and he was dead serious...but i kept singing...just not quite so loud), his wife told me to #$@! myself after a UGA girl fell into me on a touchdown celebration and i spilled maybe 2 drops of coke on her BLANKET (which was folded on the back of her seat...had not been used the entire game), and was yelled at 100s of times after the game.normally, i can take the verbal abuse...because i know it's all in good fun and they're just giving me heck in good spirits....the ga fans yesterday that i encountered had no good spirits about them. easily the worst fans that i've ever been in contact with.most fans i've been around on the road in the SEC take it upon themselves to make sure the visitors enjoy their trip and have a good time (i've gotten free food/beer/drinks/etc on every road trip i've ever been on and had a great time with fans from every school i've ever been to.....i really have). i thought that was the goal....not see how many fights you can start, etc???"

Another excerpt from a different UT fan: "We had a pretty rough time on the walk to the stadium. We walked from the Ramsey Center to the game, had about 3-4 fight close calls. TimmyV1987 or whatever got sucker punched from behind, but that kid got dealt with after that. Then some jort wearer swung a bag of trash at him, and Timmy went up to the kid and smashed the handle of whiskey out of his hand and walked away.We had multiple 40+ year olds trying to challenge us to fights."

And another, "On fri night we walked around their bars and found that in most places people were buttholes. We also saw a fight break out in the middle of an intersection btwn a couple of ut fans and UGAY fans. A UGAY girl took the ut guys oakleys from him, snaped them and threw them on the ground. Then the guy picked them up and peged them at her. she then went to throw a punch and he blocked her and that threw her flat on her butt. Her boyfriend then and the ut guy started to fight in the intersection."

Not done yet, "Had 2 guys tell me they were gonna beat my (tail) and a handful of other people make comments about Tennessee rednecks. I had a couple of other people tell me that they would be signing my paycheck when they graduated. I mean they think UGA is Harvard or something and UT is a community school."

Still more, "I saw 6 or 7 fights after the game. An all out "RIOT" downtown with about 25 to 30 people and no police showed up!!! Mostly Georgia fans, but it was the most classless bunch of fans I have ever been around."

That's all...wait no it's not, "I was sittng at an outside bar on broad street yesterday drinkin a beer and smoking a cigar minding my own business and trying to watch the FL-LSU game through the bar window and a UGA girl walks up starts yelling at me and knocks the cigar, (A fuente fuente Opus X by the way), out of my hand and starts yelling and cussing at me. The walk to the game was not to bad. The game was pretty bad. They are just obnoxious. Young, old, male, female, drunk, sober it does not matter most UGA fans are just awful. When they were up 17 and they thought they had the game won they were just unrelenting and up in your face. I was in the restroom line at halftime and I was speaking with a another Vol fan who told me we were trouble I said were just down 10 and I was worried but lets see what happens and we are still in the game. An UGA fan overheard me and starts screaming the we are *^$#*@ and UGA is kicking our !## and there is no way we could compete with the Dogs. I sure would have liked to see him after the game. The amazing thing is that after the game they were just as obnoxius screaming curse words, yelling go dogs, telling Tennessee fans to go back to their trailer park etc."

This is not indicative of all UGA fans, but I don't know if I have ever met a UGA fan that is humble and not annoying when it comes their football. In fact, my little brother is a UGA fan. He actually took me down last night as I was celebrating the punt block recovered for a TD. I did not even see it coming. I am jumping up and down, next thing I know, I was tackled to the couch. Oh yeah, my brother is 10.

I like what someone on Volquest (UT's website) said earlier this week..."Richt does not own Fulmer, Richt owned (former OC Randy) Sanders." I think that is exactly right.

Here's to another 9 straight wins vs. the Evil Empire that is UGA!!


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